Raptee Energy: Chennai-Based EV Start-Up Launches First Electric Bike

Chennai-based electric vehicle (EV) start-up Raptee Energy has made its entry into the electric motorbike market with the rollout of its first electric bike from its manufacturing plant in Chennai. Co-founded by four engineers in 2019, Raptee aims to provide an electric alternative to the mid-premium motorcycle segment. The company’s electric motorcycles feature a high-voltage powertrain technology that delivers exceptional performance, typically seen in the passenger car industry. As a result, Raptee’s motorcycles are compatible with CCS2 charging points, allowing them to be charged at existing electric car charging stations.

First Electric Bike_news
First Electric Bike

Dinesh Arjun, the co-founder and CEO of Raptee, stated that the assembly line in Porur, Chennai, has commenced production and is fully operational. While the plant has a capacity of approximately 100,000 units, the company plans to start with a gradual production scale. The first batch of motorcycles will undergo extensive testing, including ARAI certification and on-road safety checks. Arjun expressed the intention to launch commercially within the current quarter.

Jayapradeep Vasudevan, Raptee’s Chief Business Officer (CBO), outlined plans to establish distribution networks across India, beginning with Chennai. The company will adopt a hybrid approach, utilizing both online and offline channels to reach customers. The anticipated pricing range for the electric bike is around ₹2.5 lakh.

Raptee set up its manufacturing plant alongside its research and development (R&D) center in Chennai in June 2023, investing ₹85 crore in the facility. The company manufactures its own battery packs and has a dedicated assembly line for this purpose. So far, Raptee has raised approximately $5 million in funding from a combination of venture capital firms and high-net-worth individuals. As the company prepares for its commercial launch, it is also in the process of securing a new funding round. Additionally, Raptee plans to open its first store in Chennai, serving as a point of sale and a brand experience center.

While the electric scooter segment dominates the electric two-wheeler category in India, Raptee joins the likes of Ultraviolette, Revolt, and Tork as one of the few electric motorbike manufacturers targeting commercial sales.

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