Renowned Ex-Ferrari Designer Unveils Cutting-Edge Motorcycle Concept

Introducing the FSD 59: A Futuristic Masterpiece Ferrari Motorcycle Concept

Frank Stephenson, the esteemed designer behind iconic cars from Ferrari, McLaren, and Maserati, has introduced a groundbreaking bike concept under his company, Frank Stephenson Design (FSD). The FSD 59, a futuristic and visually striking motorcycle, showcases Stephenson’s innovative approach to vehicle design.

Motorcycl Concept news
Ferrari Motorcycle

Striking Design and Customization Options

The FSD 59 immediately captures attention with its distinctive appearance. It features a seamless single-piece fairing that extends from the handlebar up to the front of the seat. Transparent elements on the upper part of the fairing, which are removable, traverse over the “tank.” FSD describes the design as an aerodynamic masterpiece that minimizes drag and speed. However, it remains unclear how the rider precisely fits into this aerodynamic package, as the drawings do not depict a rider.

Embracing Customization and Electric Power Ferrari Motorcycle Concept

Despite its sporty aesthetics, the FSD 59 emphasizes customization options. Hypothetical riders can adapt the bike to their preferences through an adjustable seat, handlebars, foot pegs, and an adjustable screen angle.

In line with its futuristic aspirations, the FSD 59 boasts an electric powertrain, aligning with the growing trend in the industry. The battery is ingeniously integrated into the chassis, a concept that has been explored in other electric motorcycle designs. FSD claims that the bike is both lightweight and agile.

Ferrari Motorcycle Concept news
Ferrari Motorcycle Concept

Innovative Augmented Reality Integration

While electric bikes are not new, the FSD 59 introduces a novel feature—augmented reality (AR) integrated into its heads-up display (HUD). Although specific details about its functionality are not provided, incorporating AR into a motorcycle HUD is an innovative step forward.

Ferrari Motorcycle Concept news
Ferrari Motorcycle Concept

Beyond a Concept: A Realistic Prototype

FSD emphasizes that the FSD 59 is not merely a concept but a realistic prototype with potential real-world applications. The motorcycle is currently on display at the Geneva Motor Show, allowing the public to experience its groundbreaking design firsthand. The exhibition runs until March 3.

Motorcycle Concept news
Ferrari Motorcycle

A Visionary Designer’s Impressive Legacy

Frank Stephenson, the Founder and Creative Director of Frank Stephenson Design, expressed his excitement about sharing the FSD 59 with the world and hinted at forthcoming news about the concept.

Stephenson’s impressive portfolio includes designing notable vehicles such as the Ferrari F430 supercar, the Maserati MC12 (essentially a rebadged Ferrari Enzo developed as a homologation special for GT1 sportscar racing), and the McLaren P1. His reputation as an accomplished car designer adds to the anticipation surrounding the FSD 59 and its potential impact on the motorcycle industry.

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