Zero Motorcycles and HUGE Design Release Custom Built SR-X Electric Motorcycle


Zero Motorcycles, in collaboration with HUGE Design, has unveiled the SR-X, a custom-built electric motorcycle that combines style and performance. This unique bike is part of Zero’s “Design the Future” program, which aims to push the boundaries of electric motorcycle design by bringing together talented designers and engineers in the industry.

SR-X Features and Powertrain

The SR-X is a semi-faired concept bike that showcases Zero’s advanced electric powertrain and represents a bold vision for the future of motorcycling. It is equipped with Zero’s ZF75-10 electric motor and the latest ZF17.3 lithium-ion battery, delivering impressive performance and range.


HUGE Design’s Contribution

Led by Bill Webb, HUGE Design played a crucial role in the development of the SR-X. Webb and his team were responsible for the Zero SM concept bike, which heavily influenced the popular FXE model. With the SR-X, they aimed to strike a design balance between clean lines and disciplined detailing, combined with the aggressive stance and raw performance found in modern liter bikes. The goal was to define a new sub-category for high-performance electric motorcycles that blends elements of a streetfighter and a track bike.

The design team intentionally created a dramatic and low “front-heavy” silhouette for the SR-X, juxtaposing it with fully exposed mechanicals towards the back of the bike in an unconventional way. The SR-X retains the raw appearance of the underlying bike, integrating it into the final composition.


Zero’s Perspective

Brian Wismann, VP of Product Development at Zero, expressed excitement about the collaboration with HUGE Design and their work on the SR-X project. He praised the clean and structured aesthetic that Bill Webb brought to the premium sports platform, exceeding expectations and guiding the way forward for Zero’s internal design teams.

Zero Motorcycles is driven by a passion for design and technology, and the SR-X is a testament to that. The company sees the SR-X as an inspiring concept bike that will shape the future of the industry and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.


The Future of Motorcycling

The SR-X represents a reimagining of Powersports, combining performance and style to create a motorcycle that is both visually stunning and powerful. It aims to define a new sub-category for high-performance electric motorcycles and is expected to inspire the future of the industry. As Zero Motorcycles and HUGE Design continue to innovate, the SR-X sets a precedent for what can be achieved in the realm of electric motorcycles.

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