The Smol Electric Motorcycle: A Quirky Little Commuter Straight From France

Electric motorcycles are hitting the streets faster than ever, and the latest contender is the J2R Dynamics Smol – a compact, quirky little bike hailing all the way from France. With its minimalist yet endearing design and approachable power, the Smol could be the perfect avenue for commuters and new riders to go electric. Let’s take a closer look!

J2R Dynamics Smol
J2R Dynamics Smol

A Game-Changing Design

One glance at the Smol, and you’ll likely be struck by its unique, almost cartoonish appearance. The compact frame, bulbous bodywork, and upright riding position give it an undeniable sense of playful charm. But don’t let the toy-like looks fool you – this little French number packs some serious urban mobility chops.

From the side profile, you can’t help but notice design cues borrowed from the dirt bike world. The thick tires, high-mounted fenders, and exposed trellis frame create an unmistakable off-road vibe. Of course, this is still very much a street-focused machine, but the rugged styling hints at a touch of adventurousness spirited commuters are sure to appreciate.

The Smol’s designers have also embraced a pleasingly minimalist philosophy. With clean bodywork, a simple rounded headlight, and almost no extraneous plastic cladding, the overall look is refreshingly pared-back. No frills, no fuss – just efficient urban transportation with a delightful French flair.

J2R Dynamics Smol
J2R Dynamics Smol

Power and Range for the City

Under the fun exterior, the Smol packs a capable all-electric powertrain ideal for city streets and urban environments. The star of the show is an 8kW hub motor, which provides power roughly equivalent to a 125cc gasoline engine. Not mind-blowing, but more than enough for zipping through traffic with ease.

Top Speed: 68 mph (110 km/h) Range: Up to 93 miles (150 km) with two 4 kWh battery packs

While the projected top speed of 68 mph won’t blow anyone’s wighat high speeds, it should prove more than adequate for urban commuting duties. As for range, the dual battery configuration allows for a claimed 93 miles between charges – though real-world figures will likely be lower.

One key advantage of Smol’s modest performance is outstanding efficiency. With relatively low weights and power demands, this compact EV should sip electricity, making it an affordable way to dramatically reduce your transportation carbon footprint.

Designed for New Riders

Beyond its quirky aesthetics and urban-focused performance, the Smol was purposefully designed as an approachable entry point into the world of electric motorcycles. With its upright riding position, low seat height, and lightweight design, the Smol should prove comfortable and confidence-inspiring for new riders.

Some key new rider-friendly features include:

  • Low seat height for flat-footing at stops
  • Lightweight for easy maneuverability
  • Upright seating position with a relaxed riding posture
  • Modest power output to avoid being intimidating
  • Simple, straightforward electric drivetrain

By removing many traditional rider intimidation factors, the Smol aims to entice commuters who may have been hesitant to try a more powerful or aggressive motorcycle. Its unique blend of playful styling and beginner-friendly ergonomics could open up an entirely new demographic to two-wheeled electric transportation.

J2R Dynamics Smol
J2R Dynamics Smol

Availability and the Road Ahead

Unfortunately, as charming as the Smol concept appears, it remains just that for the time being – a concept. J2R Dynamics plans to showcase a running prototype at the Albi Eco Race in May 2024, followed hopefully by a limited production run.

If and when the Smol does reach the market, pricing, and availability details remain uncertain. However, by embracing a relatively simple, compact electric powertrain, the Smol could potentially achieve a very accessible price point compared to larger, more powerful electric motorcycles.

Only time will tell if this funky French upstart can find an audience. But one thing is certain – the Smol represents an exciting new direction for urban electric mobility. By rethinking motorcycle design through an electric lens, J2R has created something delightfully novel that could be a perfect fit for eco-conscious city dwellers and curious new riders alike.

So what do you think – does the quirky Smol have what it takes to win over commuters? Or is its toy-like charm a bit too outside the box? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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