The Electrifying Return of the Rambo Lambo: Everrati’s Stunning Lamborghini LM002 EV Conversion

Lamborghini LM002
Lamborghini LM002

Just when you thought the world of electric vehicles couldn’t get any wilder, Everrati has gone and one-upped everyone with their latest project – electrifying the legendary Lamborghini LM002 SUV, better known as the “Rambo Lambo.” Brace yourself for an electric resurgence of this audacious 80s icon!

A Blast from Lamborghini’s Outrageous Past

For the younger readers, let me give you a brief history lesson. Back in 1986, Lamborghini was feeling adventurous and decided to build the LM002 – a hulking, mil-spec 4×4 SUV powered by the same 5.2L V12 engine found in the Countach supercar.

This thing was an absolute unit, weighing nearly 6,000 lbs and packing a ludicrous 449 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. It could hit 60 mph in just 7.7 seconds and had a top speed of 118 mph – numbers that seem almost quaint by today’s supercar standards but were utterly ridiculous for a burly off-road vehicle in the 1980s.

With styling straight out of a tanker’s fever dream and enough presence to make a tank feel inadequate, the LM002 was an exercise in excess that only Lamborghini could deliver. Sadly, just 328 examples were produced before it was discontinued in 1993, ensuring its place as an ultra-rare automotive unicorn.

Lamborghini LM002
Lamborghini LM002

The Rebirth as an All-Electric Beast

Fast forward to today, and the madmen (and madwomen) at UK-based Everrati Automotive have decided that this outrageous off-roader deserves a new lease on life – as a cutting-edge, all-electric super-SUV commissioned by a very brave (and very wealthy) client in the UAE.

Now before you start hyperventilating at the thought of defiling such an iconic vehicle, hear me out. Everett has made a name for itself by expertly converting some of the most legendary cars in history to run on lithium-ion battery power, including:

  • The Porsche 911 (964) Coupe, Targa, and Cabriolet
  • The Land Rover Series IIA and Series III
  • The Ford GT40
  • The Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda

They’ve proven themselves as masters of OG vehicle electrification while retaining the soul and driving dynamics that made these classics so special in the first place. If anyone can breathe new life into the LM002, it’s this crew.

Details are still sparse on exactly what kind of electric powertrain this reborn Rambo will pack, but you can bet your bottom Bitcoin that it will be suitably monstrous. The original V12 put out 449 hp – I’d expect the electric motors to at least match that, while absolutely obliterating the petrol engine’s torque figures.

We could potentially see a dual- or even triple-motor setup using the latest in EV propulsion technology. Throw in an 80-100 kWh battery pack and you’ve got a silent, zero-emission SUV with enough outrageous straight-line acceleration to humble many modern supercars off the line. Not bad for a rig that was originally designed to shrug off bombs and artillery shells!

Lamborghini LM002
Lamborghini LM002

A Head-Turning Exterior to Match

Of course, no comprehensive restomod of this caliber would be complete without an exterior makeover to match that cutting-edge electric power plant. While specific details haven’t been revealed yet, Everrati has confirmed that they’ve enlisted the carbon fiber wizards at Aria Group to craft a brand new lightweight body that should be both sleeker and more head-turning than the original’s butch, brick-like design.

Renderings are still under wraps, but picture a more sculpted, flowing shape with tasteful retro-modern design cues to tie it back to the LM002’s roots. Maybe integrated LED lighting elements, more athletic fender flares, a sloping “lightning bokeh” roofline – the sky’s the limit, really.

Under that lightweight composite shell, you can expect the mechanical bits to be comprehensively refreshed and upgraded as well. New adjustable suspension components, upgraded brakes, racing buckets trimmed in sumptuous Connolly leather, and the latest infotainment tech – no surface will be left untouched in the quest to transform this former SUV dinosaur into an ultra-high-end, all-electric restomod.

Lamborghini LM002
Lamborghini LM002

The Start of an Electric Off-Road Revolution?

While this project started as a singular commissioned build for one very fortunate (and deep-pocketed) UAE client, there’s a very real chance it could inspire a small production run if demand is high enough. Everrati has expressed openness to taking on additional LM002 electrification projects for other well-heeled clients looking for an outrageously exclusive electric off-roader.

At the ultra-high-end vehicle echelons, this LM002 resides in, having an electrified “halo” model like this could inspire other boutique coachbuilders and EV startups to offer their own unique takes on reviving and reinventing 4×4 classics from days gone by.

Tesla may be years away from production of their electric lifestyle truck concept, but for the ultra-rich seeking a cutting-edge electric off-roader today, vehicles like this LM002 restomod may be their only option for the foreseeable future. Knowing the stratospheric budgets some of this clientele have to work with, I wouldn’t be surprised to see other marques like G-Wagen, Land Rover, and even more modern offerings like the Hummer EV get the electrified resto-mod treatment.

The Future is Now

While I never thought I’d see the day an ultra-low-production Lamborghini SUV would be re-engineered with a battery and electric motors, I suppose crazier things have happened in the automotive world. This project is a prime example of how no vehicle is too sacred or too outrageous to be reinvented for the new age of electric mobility.

There’s something immensely compelling about reimagining these rare, outlandish vehicles from the past as clean, ultra-high-performance EVs. It’s a perfect embodiment of the old seamlessly blending with the new – and a tantalizing preview of the unlimited possibilities the electric revolution has in store for the future of automobiles.

As wild as the idea of an electric LM002 sounded at first, after seeing what Everrati is cooking up, I can’t wait to experience the unveiled final product in the metal. Who’s ready to see the Rambo Lambo get its emission-free revenge?

Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this electrified LM002 resurrection! Would you commission a build like this if you had the means? Or is messing with an ultra-rare icon like the Rambo Lambo a step too far? I want to hear those hot takes!

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