The Ducati Ghost: A Hybrid Concept Bridging the Gap between Combustion and Electric


Digital designer Daniel Kemnitz has envisioned a hybrid concept motorcycle called the Ducati Ghost, filling the gap between traditional petrol-powered Ducatis and the forthcoming electric revolution. While Ducati has plans to enter the MotoE World Cup in 2023, Kemnitz took it upon himself to imagine a stop-gap solution that combines an internal combustion engine with an electric battery pack for versatility.

ducati ghost hybrid concept
Ducati Ghost hybrid concept

The Hybrid Concept Ducati Ghost

Kemnitz’s Ducati Ghost concept is not just a hybrid in terms of the engine, but also in terms of its use case. The idea is to allow riders to seamlessly switch between the electric powerplant for low emissions zones (LEZ) and the combustion engine for exhilarating rides outside of the city. This concept embraces the reality of a motorcycling world standing on the edge between combustion and electricity.

Design Inspirations

While drawing inspiration from various sources, Kemnitz’s design retains some iconic Ducati elements. The single-sided swingarm, a signature feature of Ducati motorcycles, is present in the Ducati Ghost concept. However, the front telelever suspension takes inspiration from BMW’s R 1250 GS. The perimeter front brake disc design is influenced by Erik Buell’s innovations, and the headlight cluster resembles Yamaha’s MT family. Additionally, the slotted disc wheel at the rear draws similarities to the MV Agusta Rush 1000 super naked.

ducati ghost hybrid concept
Ducati Ghost hybrid concept

Challenges and Controversies

It’s worth noting that Kemnitz’s decision to use a transverse parallel-twin engine in the Ducati Ghost concept deviates from Ducati’s typical L-twin configuration. The L-twin engine has become synonymous with the brand’s identity, making the parallel-twin engine choice somewhat unexpected. While fans have accepted deviations like the absence of a trellis frame and non-Desmo valvetrains in the Monster lineup, the parallel-twin engine seems less likely to be embraced by Ducati enthusiasts.

The Concept’s Authenticity Ducati Ghost

As with most digital renders, the Ducati Ghost concept is an intriguing design exercise. However, without the incorporation of authentic Ducati engineering and design language, the concept may feel like a mere ghost of a Ducati. While Kemnitz’s concept showcases creative ideas from different motorcycle brands, it may lack the true essence of what makes a Ducati unique.

ducati ghost hybrid concept
Ducati Ghost hybrid concept


The Ducati Ghost concept by Daniel Kemnitz offers an interesting glimpse into the possibilities of a hybrid motorcycle that bridges the gap between combustion and electricity. While it may not fully capture the spirit of Ducati, the concept serves as a thought-provoking exploration of design and engineering. As the motorcycle industry continues to evolve, we eagerly anticipate Ducati’s official foray into the electric realm and the innovative solutions it will bring to riders seeking the perfect blend of power and sustainability.

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