The Bricklin 3EV: An Electrifying Three-Wheeled Spectacle

Bricklin 3 EV
Bricklin 3 EV

A Blast from the Past Goes Electric

Remember the quirky Bricklin SV1 sports car from the 1970s? With its gull-wing doors and safety-focused design, it certainly turned heads back in the day. Well, get ready for the spiritual successor – the Bricklin 3EV is here to shake up the electric vehicle world with a bold three-wheeled design.

Founded by Malcolm Bricklin, the visionary entrepreneur behind the original Bricklin, this electric three-wheeler promises an exhilarating and unique driving experience. Let’s dive into what makes the 3EV such an intriguing proposition.

Bricklin 3EV
Bricklin 3EV

Unmistakable Three-Wheeled Style

One of the first things you’ll notice about the 3EV is its striking appearance. This electric vehicle (EV) proudly flaunts a wide front stance and sleek, aerodynamic bodywork. But the real head-turner is the scissor door design reminiscent of exotic supercars.

According to Bricklin, the 3EV’s styling was a collaboration between race car designers and classic automobile artisans. The result is a vehicle that seamlessly blends dramatic flair with a road-hugging, performance-oriented stance.

While unconventional, the three-wheeled layout offers some inherent advantages:

  • Low center of gravity: The batteries are positioned between the frame rails, keeping weight low and improving handling.
  • Maneuverability: With a shorter wheelbase, the 3EV should be incredibly agile in urban environments.
  • Efficiency: Reduced weight and aerodynamic design could translate to impressive range and efficiency.
  • Bricklin 3EV
    Bricklin 3EV

A Plush EV Cabin

Step inside the 3EV, and you’ll find an interior that rivals many luxury EVs on the market today. Bricklin promises “sumptuous materials crafted with superb workmanship” throughout the cabin.

Highlights include:

  • Premium sound system
  • Heated power seats
  • Wood trim accents
  • Heads-up display
  • Fully integrated touchscreen controls
  • Over-the-air software updates

Despite its compact three-wheeled footprint, Bricklin claims the 3EV offers ample storage capacity and comfortable seating for two passengers up to 6’4″ tall. The company has also prioritized keeping the cabin quiet and insulated for a serene driving experience.

Bricklin 3EV
Bricklin 3EV

Electric Performance

Of course, at its core, the 3EV is a pure electric vehicle promising usable range and zippy performance. The promised 275-mile range should provide plenty of driving excitement between charges.

While full specifications are still under wraps, Bricklin touts the 3EV’s “exhilarating performance and acceleration” enabled by the low center of gravity design. Precise handling and responsive steering should make this three-wheeler a thrilling back-road companion.

The 3EV also checks the right boxes regarding safety technology, with anti-lock brakes, airbags, and the latest electronic driving aids included as standard equipment.

Bricklin 3EV
Bricklin 3EV

Pricing and Availability

One of the most enticing aspects of the Bricklin 3EV is its projected $28,980 starting price – putting it squarely in the sights of many EV shoppers. However, it’s important to note that the 3EV is still in the concept stage.

Bricklin aims to showcase, sell, and service the 3EV through a network of committed automobile dealers. However, production timelines and actual availability remain uncertain for the time being.

If and when it does roll off the assembly line, the company plans to update the exterior styling every 50,000 units to enhance the 3EV’s resale value and keep that head-turning design fresh.

Bricklin 3EV
Bricklin 3EV

The Verdict

The Bricklin 3EV represents an unabashedly bold take on personal electric transportation. While the three-wheeled layout is undoubtedly unconventional, it could offer some tangible benefits in terms of efficient packaging, a low center of gravity, and pure driving thrills.

Of course, as an unproven entity, there are still many unanswered questions surrounding the 3EV’s actual performance, build quality, and long-term viability as a product. But if the production model can deliver on its ambitious promises, the 3EV could carve out a unique niche for buyers seeking equal parts electric eco-friendliness and head-turning style.

Only time will tell if the Bricklin name can rekindle its magic with this daring three-wheeled EV dream machine. But one thing’s for sure – it’s great to see automakers still willing to take bold risks and challenge convention in the move toward sustainable transportation.

What’s your take on the Bricklin 3EV concept? An electrifying new chapter for personal mobility or a quirky footnote? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss!

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