The $15,000 Escape Pod? Plan B Hybrid Motorcycle is Bonkers, But I Kinda Want One

Let’s delve into the curious world of Plan B – a contraption that looks like a bicycle conceived by a mad inventor fueled by energy drinks. Despite its unconventional appearance, there’s an oddly captivating allure to this creation. Embracing minimalism to the extreme, the folks at the Arsenale in Dubai have birthed a post-apocalyptic penny-farthing with a hint of steampunk charm.

Arsenale Plan B Hybrid Motorcycle
Arsenale Plan B Hybrid Motorcycle

Arsenale Plan B Hybrid Motorcycle Hybrid Powerhouse

This isn’t your average electric bike – it’s a hybrid marvel. Powered by not one, but two 1 kW electric motors nestled inside the wheels, the Plan B takes a bold leap into uncharted territory. These motors are surrounded by gasoline, stored in the rims to fuel a generator that charges the onboard battery, which in turn powers the motors. It’s an audacious concept that borders on the absurd, yet undeniably intriguing.

Arsenale Plan B Hybrid Motorcycle
Arsenale Plan B Hybrid Motorcycle

Arsenale Plan B Hybrid Motorcycle History Repeats Itself

While this concept isn’t entirely novel, having made failed attempts on crowdfunding platforms in the past, its creators remain undeterred. The Plan B has resurfaced with a hefty $15,000 price tag, a stark departure from its previous $2,000 offering. It seems sticking a premium price on a questionable product is their ultimate backup plan.

Arsenale Plan B Hybrid Motorcycle
Arsenale Plan B Hybrid Motorcycle

Quirky Appeal

Despite its modest power and leisurely pace, the Plan B caters to a niche audience drawn to its unique charm. It’s not about speed or power but rather the promise of traversing remote landscapes and tackling challenging terrains with ease. For explorers, preppers, or park rangers seeking unconventional transportation, the Plan B offers a whimsical solution.

Engineering Marvel or Disaster Waiting to Happen?

With fuel tanks in the wheels and enigmatic tires, the Plan B raises eyebrows and concerns alike. Maneuvering this contraption may feel akin to steering a laden shopping cart, while the durability of its tires remains questionable. Yet, beneath its eccentric exterior lies a spark of ingenuity that, if refined and made more affordable, could appeal to adventurers seeking long-range exploration.

Arsenale Plan B Hybrid Motorcycle
Arsenale Plan B

A Quirky Dream Machine

While Plan B may not be the most practical or reliable mode of transportation, it exudes an eccentric charm that’s hard to resist. It’s a testament to human creativity and innovation, albeit with a hefty price tag and some inherent flaws. Nevertheless, for those willing to take a leap of faith,

Plan B offers a journey into the unknown – one that’s bound to be filled with eccentric adventures and unexpected discoveries.

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