The Felo TOOZ Electric Motorcycle Promises to Shatter Range Anxiety

You know how every manufacturer out there is trying to outdo each other with press release claims of ridiculous speed and unbelievable range promises? Well, I’ve just come across an electric motorcycle that’s aiming to steal ALL the headlines. It’s true, I love electrics, and the promise of ditching fuel while keeping the fun is irresistible. But as any regular knows, with new stuff, especially electric two-wheelers, there’s always that healthy dose of skepticism that goes along for the ride.

The clever folks over at Felo think I should check that skepticism at the door. Enter the Felo TOOZ – a bike with the ambition of a touring hog and the specs sheet of a Tesla. This sucker is boasting a staggering 450-mile (720 km) range on a single charge and enough tech onboard to make even my aging smartphone jealous. Let’s dive in!

Felo Tooz Electric Motorcycle
Felo Tooz

Felo Tooz Electric Motorcycle Crazy Range Claims

Let’s talk numbers for a moment, the meat and potatoes of skepticism-crushing. We’ve got a claimed top speed of 125 mph (201 km/h) – plenty to keep up on the highway without getting blown away. Zero to 60? Felo hasn’t dished those details out yet

but promises a mid-range punch that would make any gas-guzzling muscle car blush.

Surely, with that slab of a battery pack needed for 450 miles of range, it’ll be as nimble as me trying yoga, right? Well, that massive range obviously doesn’t come without luggage. This thing is going to be a beast in the size department, no way around it. But hey, if the tradeoff is coast-to-coast cruising without plugging in every other hour, maybe I can get behind the idea of a plus-size electric bike.

Felo Tooz Electric Motorcycle
Felo Tooz

Felo Tooz Electric Motorcycle Flagship Tech Features

When it comes to tech, Felo wasn’t kidding. Imagine a dashboard on your bike the size of a laptop – a 12-inch TFT display to be precise. That’s the brains of the whole operation – navigation, multimedia, all that good stuff. Throw in a 6-speaker surround sound system, and, well, it sounds like you won’t even miss your car stereo.

Then, they went ahead and crammed in a 360-degree camera system – more tech is never a bad thing, right? Safety stuff is present too, like a must-have these days – ABS, traction control, tire pressure monitoring…the whole nine yards. Word on the street is that even more features are coming for the production model. They’re clearly aiming to connect you to your digital life on two wheels like never before. Let’s just hope the thing actually stays on the road while you’re busy checking your emails.

Felo Tooz Electric Motorcycle
Felo Tooz

Bonus Features Aplenty

This level of tech, and that massive range, means some neat extra features too. The TOOZ has fast charging built-in (20% to 80% in 20 minutes), and even an optional cooled storage box for the panniers. Road trip snacks, chilled beverages… that is, if you’re willing to pay extra.

Then, there’s the V2L tech – that means using the bike’s big ol’ battery to power stuff, even your home in a pinch. I gotta admit, after the recent power outage fiascos, even I’m starting to see the appeal of that vehicle-to-load capability.

Felo Tooz Electric Motorcycle
Felo Tooz

An Ambitious Underdog

Here’s why I’m keeping that smidge of skepticism on hand. These folks are new to the motorcycle game, even if Felo’s parent company, Smartech, has electric vehicle experience. It’s a Thai start-up, which means it’s an underdog going against the industry giants from the US, Europe, and Japan.

Yet, Thailand is also a motorcycle manufacturing monster, pumping out Hondas, BMWs, and all the rest. Maybe picking the land of smiles as your base makes sense after all – cheap labor, easy exports, the whole deal. Heck, they even have the Thai government backing them up with subsidies and support.

The TOOZ isn’t Felo’s first rodeo either. They’ve got a whole lineup of smaller electric models out there already. This feels like their big swing, an ambitious project that, if pulled off, could land them on the map, right smack in Harley-Davidson’s backyard.

Is it a risk? Definitely. Could it change the whole electric motorcycle scene? Maybe. But hey, ambition is the fuel of progress (electrons in this case), and the Felo TOOZ electric motorcycle is overflowing with it.

We’ll have to wait on pricing and availability details, but you can bet this audacious long-range electric won’t be cheap. I’m gonna keep my eyes peeled to see if Felo can actually deliver on these lofty promises.

What do you think about the Felo TOOZ’s claims? Too good to be true or a game-changer in the making? Let me know in the comments!

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