Bugatti Goes Pint-Sized with the Electric Baby II Type 35 Centenary Edition

Bugatti Baby Type 35
Bugatti Baby Type 35

Just when you thought Bugatti couldn’t get any more exclusive or outrageous, they’ve gone and released a miniature electric version of their iconic Type 35 race car from the 1920s. Let me introduce you to the Bugatti Baby II Type 35 Centenary Edition – a tiny terror that proves good things really do come in small packages.

A Tribute to an Automotive Icon

The original Bugatti Type 35 was an engineering masterpiece, dominating racetracks around the world in the 1920s with over 2,500 victories and podium finishes. To celebrate the centenary of this legendary model, Bugatti teamed up with The Little Car Company to create a 1/2-scale electric replica.

Rather than a soulless toy, this is a meticulously crafted automotive work of art meant for discerning collectors and enthusiasts. Each of the 6 limited edition Baby II cars is hand-built to exacting standards:

  • Aluminum body panels formed and hand-riveted in the Bugatti tradition
  • The paint matched one of the original 6 Type 35 race cars, like the stunning Bleu de Lyon
  • Hand-painted chassis number and body panels to mirror the real Type 35s
  • Luxurious interior with black leather seats and a wood-rimmed steering wheel
  • An engraved brass plate showing the chassis number of the corresponding 1920s car

Even at 1/2 scale, the attention to detail is simply jaw-dropping. Bugatti didn’t cut any corners in making the Baby II a perfect miniature homage to the iconic Type 35.

Baby II Type 35
Baby II Type 35

Tiny but Mighty Performance

While the original Type 35 packed a 90+ horsepower punch, the Baby II is a bit more…demure in the power department. Its compact electric motor produces a relatively tame 13 bhp and tops out at just 42 mph.

But don’t let those numbers fool you – this mini monster can still provide plenty of thrills commensurate with its size. The 2.8 kWh battery gives it enough juice for over an hour of spirited driving per charge.

Driving Modes:

  • Novice mode: 1 bhp and 12 mph for young drivers
  • Adult mode: Full 13 bhp and 42 mph top speed
  • Bugatti Speed Key: Unlocks extra performance options like:
    • Drift mode
    • Extended range mode
    • Power delivery settings
    • Baby II Type 35
      Baby II Type 35

While I wouldn’t recommend drifting a $80,000 collector’s item, it’s pretty wild that this little buggy offers those kinds of performance modes straight from the factory. A drift mode on a Bugatti? Now I’ve seen everything!

For a proper vintage feel, the Baby II also includes:

  • A manual hand brake and shift lever
  • Hydraulic disk brakes
  • Adjustable pedal boxes to fit kids or adults

Whether you’re a pint-sized race car driver in training or a big kid at heart, the Baby II’s performance chops deliver far more smiles per mile than your average toy car.

Baby II Type 35
Baby II Type 35

An Unobtainable Object of Desire

As beautifully executed as the Baby II is, it’s also devilishly exclusive. Bugatti and The Little Car Company are producing only 6 examples, and they’ve already been snapped up by deep-pocketed collectors despite the eye-watering $80,000 price tag.

While most of us can only dream of getting behind the (tiny) wheel of one, we can certainly lust over the exquisite craftsmanship and drool-worthy details like:

  • A handcrafted leather bag to store the Speed Key
  • Color-matched helmet and vintage goggles
  • A scale 1920s driver jacket and cap
  • Monogrammed Bugatti fabric floor mats
  • Custom wooden display stand with plaque

For those lucky enough to secure one of these automotive unicorns, the Baby II will be the star of any collection. But even as spectators, there’s an undeniable appeal to Bugatti’s outrageous exercises in excess – no matter how small the canvas.

Baby II Type 35
Baby II Type 35

The Playful Side of an Automotive Icon

While it may stretch the definition of “practicality”, the Bugatti Baby II Type 35 is a delightfully whimsical take on the brand’s performance legacy. It’s a reminder that even for the ultra-elite automakers, building cars can still be an expression of joy and passion.

At the end of the day, the Baby II is essentially a $80,000 high-end toy car. But what a toy! It allows Bugatti’s most devoted fans and collectors to experience first-hand the thrill of driving an icon – even if only from a very low driving position.

For the rest of us, it’s a reminder that the most innovative and interesting things often come from questioning “why not?” rather than asking “why?”. And if Bugatti can make an electric 1/2 scale Type 35 for big kids, who knows what else they (or other brands) might dream up?

The automotive world could use a few more exercises in whimsy to balance out the more serious business of building practical transportation. In that sense, the Bugatti Baby II is a refreshing change of pace and an inspiring “because we can” project from one of the industry’s most revered marques.

What are your thoughts on Bugatti’s pint-sized electric Type 35 tribute? A load of nonsense or sheer genius? Drop a comment below and let me know!

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